Registered General Nurse (RGN)

Vacancies open for RGNs.

Job Description

  • Work in collaboration with other registered nurses (RNs) and care providers.
  • To be responsible for providing support and quality care to service users.
  • Report to in charge nurse and follow the required protocol.
  • Ensure awareness and understanding of agency policies and procedures as the agency’s representative.
  • Actively perform bedside nursing.

Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMN)

Vacancies open for RMNs.

Job Description

  • Assist in promoting and supporting clients’ recovery.
  • Facilitating clients in recovery to actively involve and have control over their condition by encouraging time to participate in therapies.
  • Support service users with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, personality disorders, eating disorders, and addiction.
  • Assist in physical care if and when required.

Healthcare Assistant

Vacancies open for Healthcare Assistants.

Job Description

  • Provide help to elderly, disabled, or in recovery service user with daily life activities.
  • Support service users to manage daily self-care such as toileting, bathing, dressing, feeding if required, and mobility.
  • Communicate with the family of the service user to keep them informed regarding the service user’s health status and any ongoing progress.

Support Worker

Vacancies open for support workers.

Job Description

  • To support all kinds of service users at different phases of life and cater to every service user’s individual needs
  • To provide all the essentially required services to clients either living in their own homes or within a supported living facility who are unable to carry out daily life activities.
  • To support service users with their independence and empower them to enjoy a lifestyle of their own choice.


Vacancies open for chefs.

Job Description

  • Prepare and cook meals according to the predefined menu and complying with the health and safety regulations to make sure appetising yet nutritious meals to fulfil their dietary requirements.
  • Manage everyday kitchen operations.
  • Carry out simple kitchen inventory control and timely report required goods to seniors in order to ensure the maintenance of sufficient supplies.

Kitchen Assistant

Vacancies open for kitchen assistants.

Job Description

  • Assist chefs in preparing and cooking meals.
  • Assist chefs to manage everyday kitchen operations.
  • Be responsible for storing and stacking kitchen inventories.
  • Perform cleaning and washing for food items needs to be washed.
  • Clean and wash dishes and kitchen premises at the end of your day.

Domestic Helper

Vacancies open for domestic helpers.

Job Description

  • To perform a complete range of household tasks such as cleaning, laundry, etc.


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